First stage of filming done, now moving onto the next

Now that I have submitted the first draft of my project, I am extremely excited to continue on the process of continuing to develop my multimedia project and filming my mini documentary. During the first phase of filming, I was admittedly nervous. It has been a while since I have formally filmed content, and even when I have filmed in the past, I had very little experience and training in the process of filming and editing. During this upcoming stage, I am looking forward to being more confident behind the camera, and I hope to learn from the mistakes that I made in my first few filming sessions.

One of those mistakes is that I didn’t leave enough space between when I asked a question and when the interviewees started to answer. During the filming, I had asked my interview subjects to wait a couple of seconds before answering each question, but in many of the clips that I wanted to use, there isn’t enough space. In the scenes I am filming now, I am requesting that interviewees wait for a non-verbal signal from me before they start speaking. During one of my first three interviews, I was also having an issue with the sound. My lavalier kept picking up a weird buzzing sound, so I omitted it and filmed using the camera’s mic, so the sound isn’t as crisp as it is in some of the other scenes. After the fact, I realized that the sound it was picking up was an extremely loud refrigerator in the hallway of the building. In retrospect, I should have moved the scene to another location so I could still use the lavalier, and not have the buzzing sound included.

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  1. These are good lessons to learn – and with practice, your filming skills will improve. Eager to see the next draft of the story and your video!

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