Gearing up to start my project interviews

A rose grows in from of Hepner Hall at San Diego State University. Photo credit: Lauren J. Mapp

Now that my multimedia project for my JMS 430 Digital Journalism class this semester has been approved, I have been working to prepare for my interviews.

Thus far, I have been contacting potential sources and setting up times to interview them on-camera. I will be using exact quotes from the interviews within the article I am writing, but I will also be creating a mini documentary about diversity rates at San Diego State University compared to other California State University campuses throughout the state. I will also be comparing the diversity statistics at SDSU to University of California, San Diego since it is a local campus and also draws some students from the San Diego County region.

My first interview will be on Thursday with Ozzie Monge, a former SDSU professor and alumnus. Since Monge is Native American, I will be filming him at the Kumeyaay grinding stones site in the Mission Trails Regional Park to diversify my shots for the film. My second interview thus far will be with J. Luke Wood, a professor at SDSU who researches diversity in colleges and taught a course titled “Black Minds Matter.” I will be interviewing him in his office on campus and have confirmed that he has a window, so lighting should not be too complicated, although that will of course depend on window placement in relation to the sun. Thus far, I have not had any response from university President Adela de la Torre or her representatives on campus. If I have not heard anything by Monday, I will reach out again in another attempt to schedule an interview.

In addition to capturing my interview, I also plan to capture b-roll footage on campus in front of Hepner Hall, in the library and near the Turtle Pond at Scripps Cottage. I am still undecided about whether or not I want to incorporate Creative Commons-licensed music, or if I want the only sound in the film to be in interviewees and ambient noise.

In preparation for my interviews, I have purchased a tripod for my camera and have ordered two lavalier microphones. I will be using my Nikon D5300 to film the video, and I will be purchasing a larger SD card this week to capture and store the video footage on. I also started learning some new video editing skills from a co-worker at inewsource, Nicole Tyau. She showed me her organizational flow on Adobe Premier, and how to use After Effects to create animations for lower third attributions. I am looking forward to learning more from Tyau in general, but especially in ways that can be applied to this project.


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  1. Wow, you are making great progress on this story! I recommend using a storyboard to help you along with the videotaping and filming. Great work so far!

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