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Welcome to the blog of Lauren J. Mapp for the JMS 430 class this semester. Let’s start with a little information about me. I am a senior journalism major at San Diego State University with intentions to pursue a career as a journalist. While I am most interested in culinary writing and investigative reporting, what I love most about journalism is the ability to learn something new with each article or project that I take on. I am currently working as an intern at inewsource, an investigative reporting news website based in the KPBS office at SDSU.

I am looking forward to this class because I am very interested in learning how to optimize my skills as a writer to be successful on digital platforms. As we often hear in our journalism courses, print media is slowly fading away, and I suspect that the use digital platforms will become increasingly prominent in the future. As reported by the Pew Institute last year, online news is not only displacing print news, but it is also making strides toward becoming more popular than television news stations.

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