Nearing the home stretch

We are now about 16 days away from the end of the semester, and I am finalizing edits on my digital, multimedia project. This weekend, I focused on the social media strategy that I will use to promote my article once it is fully published. Social media is one aspect of digital journalism that I feel very comfortable in, but I am continuing to find new tips and guidance in using it for my personal branding as a journalist. Over the past few months, I have focused on Instagram as a tool to promote my articles. Previously, I had used the link to my food and travel blog in my bio, but I now update it regularly linking to my most recent articles. I also create links for the articles I am promoting on Instagram so that I can track whether or not people are actually reading the articles I am promoting.

The most difficult strategy for me to plan for was Snapchat, since I do not regularly use the social media platform. For one of my Snapchat stories, I decide to design it based on my infographics for the project. By doing so, I am hoping to both keep the branding of my multimedia package consistent while also appealing to anyone who is interested in data analysis and statistics. In contrast, my second Snapchat story uses the photographs that I captured for the package. This second strategy will most likely appeal more to people who prefer art and visuals to numbers. Since I use Instagram more consistently than Snapchat, I also added a “Click the Link in the bio” image that I can use when I post these as an Instagram story.

One of the frames that I created on Canva to promote my multimedia package on Snapchat and my Instagram story.
Designed by Lauren J. Mapp


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